Hilfsprojekt - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Montag, 9. Oktober 2017



Chakama Community Farmers Group is a registered group with 97 members. It is located
House Chakama
50 km west of Malindi / Kenya. The most of the people are very poor. There is no power supply, but only small solar or generator. The mobile network is also very weak. The soil in this area is very fertile, but as so often lacking water. Where the farm project will be, is so far only fallow land, ideal for organic cultivation.

There is a goverment a waterline along the road from Malindi to Tsavo East. There also few taps, unfortunately sometimes there is no water available and then people fetch water from Galana river or small self-created water holes. Often people can not afford the water from the taps, which costs 4 KSH (4 cents) for 10 l.

Waterhole Chakama
This waterhole in the photo was dug by the villagers with the blade itself. However, it is only sufficient for about 3 months, and would be too small for the irrigation of the land. It is about 1 ha in size and 2 m deep.

Initial discussions with the 
Meeting in Chakama
elders of the village and the Chief and Sub-Chief of Chakama were conducted in May 2015, and the idea was to establish a farm - to help people to help themselves. We held two meetings with the residents of the area and presented the project, and then in September 2015 the group was registered in Malindi.

The whole area was measured and the time the distribution is in process. The title deed has to be only in the name of the registered group, and it is absolutely necessary, that no one can sell or lease a part of the land. 

Before anything can be invested, we need the title deed. Once the title deed is done, we can start with the project.

At first we have to construct a dam which will ensure that sufficient water would be available for irrigation and drinking water. A well drilling is difficult because in many places the water is too alkaline there - which the the Chief reported to me. So only surface waters could be made. The water hole will be fed by seasonal small rivers and rain.

The plan is already there for all kinds of vegetables and fruits, which can grow on the coast, biologically. Also many fruit - trees and useful trees for timber eg Casaurina, Eucalyptus etc. Part of the land will be used for bamboo for timber, furniture or charcoal. And later came livestock - added cows, goats, chickens and beekeeping. The registered group will also receive training, because the most do not have much knowledge about agriculture. For this, there are government agencies that offer such assistance free but also specialized companies (like Bamboo) offer such training.

Another major concern of course is also to give them drinking water. We are looking for a solution to have the water researched for drinking.
I´m would be so glad for those who have suggestions or advice or have already implemented such project or would like to help, can contact me.

Contact: Chakama.Farmers@gmail.com